Day 8--Rain

We decided to get up early to hit the last of the trails at the falls; staying at the Sheraton means you can easily get to the trails before the hordes descend, so we went to the Upper Circuit where you again walk above the water that is about to go over the edge.  The day started out quite foggy so we weren't sure what we would see, but by 8am when we were on the trail, the sun had begun to burn off the fog but it made for some interesting views, and other than a couple small lizards and a couple cute Agouti (the guinea-pig like creature we had seen yesterday) wandering around, we had the trail almost all to ourselves.  By late morning, the rain and clouds rolled in, and we enjoyed some down time and a nap.

These walks might have been my favorite, with the fog and mist and getting very very close to the precipice.  We've had a few short power outages here tonight, so instead of retyping this entry a third time, I'll just get to the pictures; they're the best part anyway.

Tomorrow we leave Iguazu and fly 2 hours west toward the Andes Mountains for the next leg of our Argentine Odyssey.