Day 6--Fly to Iguazu

We didn't have to get up too early today, but checked out of our hotel and made our way to the other airport in Buenos Aires that serves Domestic routes and checked in for our 90 minute flight north to Puerto Iguazu, a small town on the border with Brazil and Paraguay.  We were fortunate enough to get a great deal through a friend (that I now owe majorly) for the only hotel actually located in Argentina's Iguazu National Park.  It's a National Park, because Iguazu is home to one of the world's most spectacular waterfalls, Iguazu.  We got a taxi to the hotel and at check in were told that, despite the heavily discounted rate, we had been upgraded from Jungle View (read: Parking Lot View) to Falls View, and sure enough, we got to our room, and this is what we saw:

After we picked ourselves up off the floor, we went down to do the 1.7km lower circuit where you are walking above a few small falls, and then out close enough to almost touch the falls.  And get wet.  Very, very wet.

Along the way, we spied some coatis, which look like cute racoonish-type creatures with long tails that have learned that humans have tasty things, so they have become a bit of a nuisance.  We saw one attack a bag of potato chips from a rather dumb woman and weren't too unhappy to see her shriek in horror.  The stupid snack bar staff gave her a replacement bag, much to our chagrin.

We also saw an entire gaggle of tourists turn their heads in unison, and eventually headed out to see what they were looking at, and saw a pair of toucans staring back at us.

Dining options are limited here at the hotel, so I will forego describing the not-quite-amazing dish that involved pasta, ham, lemon and mint (??) and just show some of the cool pictures from our walk this afternoon through the muggy jungle (only about 75 degrees, but quite humid)...