Wrapping Up

Exactly one week from right now, I will be en route from South Africa to Atlanta, as my 4-month assignment in Pretoria comes to a close.  I still have a few blog postings in the works, and will try to get a couple out this week, along with all the last-minute shopping, packing, and trying to wrap up my work projects, all while trying to bid farewell to some of the people I've met along the way.

Thanks so much for reading the blog; I appreciate all the comments and responses from so many of you, and while the project started out really as a way for me to document my time here, I also knew many friends and family would be interested to know what's going on with me on the other side of the world.

So, I'll try to get another post or two up before I leave, and then will have a couple more to finish documenting my time here, and then a couple of closeout postings as I return home and start to process everything that has happened here, and get re-adjusted to life back home.  There are days it feels like I have been gone a year, and others where I feel like I just arrived, but the calendar doesn't lie, and there will be plenty to do as soon as I return to get up and running again.

At my first training session with my overseas colleagues in January, our opening ice-breaker was to name the food that we will miss the most while overseas, not yet knowing where we would be going.  There were plenty of people who named "water" (not a food, ahem), but a few of us honestly admitted to some of our favorite American foods; mine was Biscuits, specifically Bojangles.  I'd like to change my answer, now that I've experienced the sorry excuse for "bacon" that is served here.  

If you just order "bacon" you'll get something that looks like Country Ham before it's been cured.  Sometimes, you can successfully order "streaky bacon" which is closer to what we are used to in the States.  This is what arrived after I ordered "streaky bacon", and asked them to burn it, and then cook it 5 minutes more.  So, as you can see, half of it is charred beyond recognition, while the other half is still raw.  It takes some special culinary talent to do that.  The picture is kind of foggy, presumably from all my tears mixed with the steam coming out of my ears.

Yes, I realize I have ranted about the sorry state of bacon while in the middle of Africa multiple times, but I promise I have never raised my voice or seriously threatened anyone's well-being because of it.  As people say here when they realize they are complaining about something trivial and esoteric, "first-world problem,"  and I made sure that FoodBank South Africa was compensated for each bacon-related complaint.

So, let me clarify for the record, that's a Bacon Biscuit from Bojangle's.  Dark Brown please.  Extra Bacon.

Thanks again for reading and following along...