Victoria Falls Part 2

Still pictures of waterfalls only tell half the story, but this post will be mostly pictures.  If I can figure out how to embed a couple videos, I will post a Part 3, but now on to the real attraction, Victoria Falls...

Rainbow at the Falls

Looking east, toward Zambia...note the lack of barriers to prevent you from tumbling into the gorge...

Devil's Cataract, on the far west end of the Falls in Zimbabwe

The main Falls

Rainbow Falls on the left, and the edge of Zambia on the right.  The Zambia side of the Falls will completely dry up by November of each year, as Zambia diverts water on their side of the river for hydroelectricity.

The 107-year old Victoria Falls Bridge, originally a double railway crossing, the bridge was re-constructed in the 1930s, and one railway crossing was removed to add 2 narrow lanes for traffic.

Platform from which Bridge Swings and Bungee Jumpers depart; note the most recent swing victim (not me) being hoisted back up to the deck, after falling 70m down and out over the Zambezi River.  The one with crocodiles in it.

A lengthwise view of the bridge, from underneath the deck

The view of the Falls from underneath the bridge, where I was tethered via a safety harness while walking on the maintenance catwalks
Looking down at some random crazy person mid-bungee from the maintenance catwalks

Looking through the girders to the Zambezi River, downstream of the falls

A view from the River Bar at the Royal Livingstone Hotel just outside of Livingstone, Zambia.  Note the "smoke", which is mist rising from the falls, hence the native name for the falls, "The Smoke that Thunders"

Random Zebra that wandered into the hotel courtyard where we were having dinner in Zambia.  Our dinner cost 404,500 Zambian Kwacha.  Fortunately, that is just US$83, but it was strange to order something that cost 65,000 ZK