Midway Day

It was two months ago that I left the sweltering heat of central North Carolina, bound for South Africa, and exactly two months from today I will touchdown at RDU after finishing my assignment.  My work projects have come into focus a little better, and I feel like I am a bit more productive, but I am hopeful that I will be able to contribute still more in my remaining time.

I have more trips planned in my downtime, and it looks like I might be doing some traveling for work.  I have weekend trips to Swaziland and Namibia planned, and maybe another country in the region, as well as a visit to the Mother City, Cape Town, the bustling harbor port that seems to be everyone's favorite holiday destination.

Spring has definitely sprung here, and with it, some warmer weather.  Most days now are in the low 80s and evenings still cool off, sometimes to the 40s but sometimes just the 60s.  I don't remember the last time I lived somewhere without air conditioning, but I suspect there will be some discomfort in the weeks to come, as the brick exterior of my townhouse certainly seems to contribute to the stuffiness inside on some days.

Flowers and flowering trees have begun to erupt in a myriad of colors; some familiar, but others vibrant and exotic.  I will try to capture some of the springtime colors soon and post some pictures.

Thanks to all of you who have written; I really appreciate your e.mails.  Unfortunately, it appears most of my responses are delivered to spam mailboxes, so if you think I'm just being rude or too busy to respond, check your spam folder.