04 July

I'm enjoying a nice relaxing day after just 2 days at my new post.  It's a holiday for US Government employees here, so it was nice to be able to rest a bit and finish unpacking.  I've met lots of people in Pretoria and Johannesburg that I will be working with, but the person who hired me got transferred yesterday, so things are a little bit up in the air right now at work.  I hope to rent a car this weekend so i can practice driving on the left, and get out and see some of the province.

I have a nice 2 bedroom townhouse that's about 1km from a large shopping mall, and about 3/4km from work, with a tiny private garden in the back with a lemon tree.  The house was decorated by someone's great-great-grandmother, but it's very clean and comfortable.  There are gates and bars on every window and door, and I have counted 17 keys so far, and am still finding them (seriously).

Most everyone you meet is quite friendly, and the weather is pretty amazing.  It warms up quickly to the mid-70s most days, and cools off rapidly every evening to the mid-40s.  It's quite dry, and I don't recall having seen a cloud yet.  The sun is rather intense; if this was the Northern Hemisphere, it would be at the same latitude as Miami, but because of the high altitude (4500 ft), the climate is a bit more temperate.

I will post some pictures after the weekend, and I've decided to Twitter any random thoughts and observations; you can see the feed on the right on kryn.com